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August 25, 2013
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0P: Felicity Day by Reiviyoruka 0P: Felicity Day by Reiviyoruka
lol idk deadliner will always be a deadliner. . please bear with it //slappp

i really hope i got in though..

EDIT ooh thank you I got in! QwQ

- Name: Felicity (name) Day (surname lol )

-Age/Year/Birthday: 16/Second Year-Junior/25 December; Winter

-Height: 162 cm /5'4

-Alter-ego species : Mage -Emotion Manipulator-

Her real life and AE have a drastic difference for personality and style. Her AE was inspired by Virginia, she claimed.

In both AE and real life form, she looks like she never shown any emotion towards other. The difference is, she can feel the emotion that got caught in the magical bullet.

Being albino and all, her eyes were not good, either way. She can't change it, its a miss for her in battle sometimes.

"Emotions..? I wanna see your emotions.."

-Weapon/ power/pets:

Her left hand can transform into a gun that shoot magical bullets, more likely a manipulator bullet. When a person got shoot by it, their emotions will be controled.
She uses magic, but because of her body fragileness, she can't store much magical power in her body, so she uses a gun instead. Her bullets came from her power.
Leo/Lionel (lion indifferent languages lol) is a grumpy, un-willing, harsh, stubborn creature who claimed to be created by part of Felicity's memory some time ago in the past, although Felicity can't recall meeting him. Him and Felicity (AE) are rivals, sometimes deciding not to help one another.

-Strong in studies?: Yes

-Strongest/Weakest subject:
Strong :
Math, History, Music/Art
Weak : Sports, Literature (its outdoors guys, she can't do it--and literature? She's got little to no creativity, being stuck inside a freaking mansion all along..)



She is the type of girl who goes 'ooh' and 'aah' at things that interests her, due to her secluded life in the past. She likes to discover stuffs that new to her, often to the point of stalking people, to anyones dismay. But even all that, she is still the girl who will frown if she sees a mirror and pinch her and there. An introvert girl who doesn't like sharing everything to strangers.

Side note: She is also a socially-awkward girl oWo


"Look at her, that pale ghostly skin and empty eyes, its freaky..."

Felicity Day was diagnosed as an albino when she was born. Although her skin was not as pale as any other, she's still a stranger to everyone else, being different and all. Her body is weak, her eyes are near-sighted. All because of her albinism. When she was a kid, many kids bullied her, as expected. She took the pain in her heart everytime they teased her. But when things got too much to handle, she decided to never show herself and her emotions again to the world. Wanting to forget any emotions that came through. Its like she being detached; she being so robot, because she never feels any posisitve emotion before.

Knowing this, her parents home-schooled her, told her to stay away from the world, not wanting their only child to suffer anymore. She agrees; because she hates the world. They worked so hard so they can buy anything their child wants to. But because of their schedule and work, she became all alone; she felt lonely and thinks that her parents don't care about her. Their family runs that misunderstanding for quite a long time. At age 15, she met her new maid, after many previous maids that resigned not long after seeing her. Her new maid, Virginia, wasn't the same, though. When her parents are going for a long time to Japan for business, they trusted Virginia to take care of Felicity. And thats when everything changed for the albino..

The maid decided that she will change her young miss. Everything.

Virginia stopped all her young maiden's home-schooling teacher, decided to signed Felicity in to Shukuudai. Before summer break ends, she forced her to the outer world, promising that the world's not that bad. Without her maid's uniform, though, she is a completely different person. Not the sugar-coated, sweet, and respecting maid. In real, she's really out-going and even speaks vulgar languages, sporty and agile, she had no care in the world. Virginia really influenced her from then on in a good or bad way. Pufu.

+new things
+accepting people
+her room
+interesting people

-bad weather
-her hair; her eyes

-Virginia was a student at Shukuudai Academy

-Felicity loves hearing other people's stories so much, that she will try to be as attentive as she could be.

-She was based on this adopt I have… and I altered the design.. a bit..? ah..

-Felicity speaks different languages, although some are not mastered completely. She speaks Italian, English with american accent, and a little Japanese also.

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Ijuwaruu Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uwah, she's pretty *u*
Reiviyoruka Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
Ooh thank you! I've been quite inactive lately but I will be back soon oVo
Ijuwaruu Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
npnp ;u; okok. come back and lets rp okok<3
RainbowShotGlass Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
She's pretty cool, wow! I hope we can RP together sometime, she seems pretty intense.
Reiviyoruka Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
Ooh thank you soo much :heart: o///o I really hope so too! Eimhear sure looks interesting, ahh--can't wait~ <33
RainbowShotGlass Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You're very welcome! Wowwy, thank you so much, aaaah! :'D <333
Alfabt Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Felicity .. :iconaawplz: hope we can be friends :iconaawplz:
Reiviyoruka Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Aww yep I hope she and Celoa could be buddies ^^ they shared the (almost) same strongest/weakest subjects too, and they're both in second year! :D

I-i'm craving to RP with you--//shaddupRei
Alfabt Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
tunggu deh, kamu orang indo kah? hehe
Reiviyoruka Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
yep. Hehehe c: pengen coba RP grup luar aja XD ternyata asik juga toh wkwk
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